Why Choose Shopify for your E-Commerce Store

Why Choose Shopify for your E-Commerce Store – If you are an aspiring E-commerce entrepreneur, we are pretty sure that you would have heard the name ‘Shopify’. Shopify is a complete E-commerce platform that empowers businesses to sell their products and services online without the need of writing even a single piece of code. This makes Shopify the #1 choice for modern-day entrepreneurs who want to make it big in the E-commerce industry, despite coming from a non-technical background.

How does Shopify E-commerce platform work?

Shopify is usually referred to as an E-commerce platform or an online store builder. That’s indeed true, but Shopify is more than just that. Rather, it would be better if we refer to Shopify as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS). It helps you set up your online store, manage complete inventory, process payments, manage refunds, integrate social media and whatnot! It allows you to add as many functionalities and features you’d like. Shopify is now available in as many as 175 countries, courtesy of its simplicity, flexibility and affordability.

Why Choose Shopify for your E-commerce Store?

There are a number of reasons behind the popularity of Shopify in India. Here are 12 reasons why you should choose Shopify for your ambitious E-commerce store:

1) Easy to Use

It is pretty straightforward to use, courtesy of its clean, intuitive interface. You can manage everything from a single dashboard, be it website design, SSL integration, product upload, shipping, analytics, etc. This is by far the biggest reason merchants love to use Shopify for their E-commerce store.

2) Hosted Solution

Web Hosting can be a real challenge for new, small-scale businesses. Hosting a shopping cart often requires technical support and loads of spare time, which is a huge no-no situation from the point of view of small-scale startups. That’s where Shopify comes in handy as a cloud-based setup and hosted solution where you need not worry about any servers or databases.

3) Mobile Responsiveness

The majority of online shopping is done through mobile phones in today’s time. Shopify, obviously, understands this very well and that’s why all Shopify themes are mobile-optimized. You can also manage your store on the go right from the Shopify app.

4) Scalability

Shopify is a scalable E-commerce solution, which implies that you will not face any problem, regardless of whether you are selling a handful of products to a dozen customers or hundreds of products to millions of users. So if you are going to begin small; don’t worry, you can easily scale up later when required.

5) Payment Gateway Integrations

100+ payment providers from across the globe are working with Shopify at present. You can easily integrate most of the secure and reliable payment gateways seamlessly.

6) Diverse App Store with Amazing Features

Shopify offers 2,500+ apps on its app store, similar to Google Play and App Store. All these apps are aimed at providing additional functionalities and improving your store experience. All the apps on the Shopify App store have been published by the platform’s trusted technology partners.

7) Multi-Channel Selling

Shopify allows you to sell your products or services at multiple places such as Amazon, Instagram, Facebook, etc. All this happens right from the Shopify Admin Dashboard where all your inventory, orders and customer relationships are being managed.

8) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Shopify knows the importance of search engine optimization in today’s time of such intense competition. You can update your titles, meta tags, alt tags and URLs with ease. Furthermore, it automatically generates a sitemap for your store so that you can get all your pages indexed at popular search engines such as Google and Bing whenever a new one is published or some changes are made to the existing web pages.

9) Amazing Customer Support

Shopify’s technical support is up 24×7. You can get in touch with them through phone or chat and address any glitches almost instantly. There are many E-commerce store builders out there, but no one offers customer support as good as Shopify.

10) Security and Speed

Poor loading speed can lead to a significant loss of business. Hence, the faster your web pages load, the more likely you are to make sales and provide a good browsing experience to your customers and potential clients. Shopify Stores load quite fast, which can be improved further by subscribing to a better plan.

11) Appealing Online-Stores

Shopify offers a number of free themes which have been designed to perfection and suit businesses from multiple industries. You can opt for paid themes that suit your brand. All Shopify themes are fully responsive and mobile-optimized as always. You can also create dedicated landing pages for your marketing campaigns that appeal to your potential audience. All in all, Shopify offers a visual treat for online shoppers.

12) 14-Day Free Trial

You can try all the features of Shopify for the first 14 days completely free of cost. You are not even required to put in your credit card details. All you have to do is create an account, provide your contact details and answer a few questions about your business or startup.

The Bottom Line

You have thought about your idea enough. Now it’s high time you converted that idea into reality. It isn’t as hard as you think – just take the first step; don’t look at the whole staircase. In the age of the internet, nothing is as difficult as it appears at first sight. The same is valid of launching an E-commerce store.

Many individuals think about starting up a store, but often give up on the idea, without putting any effort towards the goal. One such e-commerce store builder or SAAS that can make your entrepreneurial journey easy is Shopify. We are pretty sure that after looking at the features and benefits of Shopify mentioned above, you’d be motivated to give wings to your dreams.

Yet, if you still fall short because of any technical aspect involved, the entire team of PPC Champ is here to help – to make your dream a fascinating reality!

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