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  • 44,837 targeted leads generated

  • 26,614 ecommerce orders generated

  • 5315 enquiries received via the ads

  • $849,200 Client revenue generated

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    Professional PPC Services

    We Offer All Kinds Of Google Paid Marketing Strategies.

    Google Ads

    Sets up your pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google Search, Google Display Partners, and Google Mobile Ads.


    Social Media Ads

    Get More Traffic, Sales & Conversions From Social Media Campaigns With Our Social Media Advertising Services.


    Amazon Ads

    Grow your business and increase sales with Amazon ads that help you find, attract, and engage customers on Amazon.


    You’ll generate more revenue & grow, fast!

    From quick wins to long term strategies, we create a profit rich environment to help you scale to new heights while maintaining costs.

    With Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram – we’ll help you generate the highest on investment you’ve ever had!

    Remarkable Results

    Get more clients and revenue from our effective digital marketing campaigns.

    • 532% Increase in total site traffic
    • 510% Increase in referral traffic
    • 262% Increase in total site traffic
    • 120% Increase in product sale
    • 112% Increase in total site traffic
    • 72% Increase in appointments
    What we do?
    We help businesses increase profits and grow online with PPC.

    Our innovative approach to search engine optimization, social media marketing,
    and all things digital make us unique and stand out in the competition.

    Assured Results

    We offer assured results in estimated time or Further work free of cost until not done the results.

    Latest Technology

    Open to adopt new technology early as other companies just analyzing, Above Case-study example.

    No Long Term Contract

    We’re so confident that you’ll love our services, so we don’t require a long term commitment..

    Increased conversion rates

    Experience higher conversion rates with effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaigns that actually convert.

    No Hidden Charges

    The price you see in our proposal is the price you pay, period. We are transparent and we deliver results.

    Dedicated PPC Team

    Our PPC Expert Team has many years of experience in paid advertisement & produce great ROI to clients.

    Our Clients

    Here are a few of our esteemed clients who have seen exponential growth in their businesses after associating with us. Let’s listen to what they have to go to say about us!


    What does PPC stand for?

    It stands for Pay-Per-Click.

    What is a PPC Ad model?

    Under a PPC ad model, an advertiser is charged only when a click is recorded on their ad.

    Why should I hire you to run my PPC ads?

    We have years of experience in the field of running PPC ads for both national and international businesses. Our highly-effective PPC ad campaigns have generated millions in revenue for our esteemed clients.

    How is PPC different from SEO?

    PPC consists of paid ads while SEO is about following the right optimization practices to rank well organically.

    Are the PPC Ad results measurable?

    Yes, in fact, the results can be measured in real-time – a perk that is not provided by traditional marketing methods like newspaper or radio ads.

    How will you choose the keywords?

    With our years of expertise and seamless access to the most advanced tools, we run your ads on the keywords that will get you the maximum business.

    What is a landing page?

    Many advertisers make specific pages for their potential clients to land upon whenever the latter click on an ad. That webpage is called a landing page.

    What is Google Quality score?

    It is a metric used to measure the relevance and quality of your PPC Ads, keywords and landing pages.

    The team you need to succeed

    Fueled by passion and a commitment to our clients, our team of over 100 digital experts drives performance for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.

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