PPC Services for Rehab Center

PPC Services for Rehab Centre – With alcohol and drug addiction rates touching record highs, many rehab centers have come up to help the victims. However, only a handful of rehabilitation centers are enjoying the monopoly, courtesy of their very strong online marketing network. In case, you have just launched a new rehab center or are struggling to find patients for your years-old rehabilitation facility, PPC Champ can help you promote your business in front of millions of people desperate for help.

In this post, we will tell you how you can make the best use of our Pay-Per-Click Ads/Paid Ads Services to spread the word about your new or existing rehab center.

Business Challenges Faced by Rehab Centers

Rehab Centers face many problems in their business when it comes to the marketing part:

  • Getting Quality Leads
  • Converting Leads into Customers
  • Generating Brand Awareness
  • High Patient Acquisition Cost
  • Maintaining a good reputation

Why Choose PPC Ads for Rehab centre?

Here are the top reasons to choose PPC Ads as a reliable digital marketing strategy for alcohol and drug rehabilitation center:

1) Reach only your target audience

PPC Ads help you reach only those people who are your potential audience. This is a huge advantage over traditional forms of marketing, which do not target a specific set of people most of the times. So every PPC Ad – whether it’s on search engines or on social media – about your rehabilitation center will be visible only to those who are specifically searching for it. This could be the addict himself/herself or their family members. In either case, you present your business in front of the individuals that are most likely to get admitted.

2) Pay only when someone clicks on your ad

Consider, for instance – You are advertising your rehab center on a newspaper. It cost you a lot of money, yet at the end of the day – you are not sure how many people may have seen your ad. It could be high, but it could also be very low. Two days have passed, you are waiting for a few good calls from potential clients, but instead, you get a few spam calls. The entire sum of money spent on the newspaper ad is wasted!

This happens when you try to showcase the rehab services that you have to offer in front of everybody, instead of just your target audience. Digital Marketing methods such as PPC Ads remove this flaw very effectively. An amount is charged only when someone clicks on your ad to land on your website.

3) Enjoy Immediate Traffic

As a new rehab center, you can’t rely on search engine optimization to fetch you traffic in the initial days of your business. SEO takes a lot of time to provide you with some considerable traffic. PPC Ads make it easy for you to start generating some revenue, right from the first day – a perk not available with other forms of conventional marketing.

4) Get High Return on Investment (ROI)

Since we have worked with many rehabilitation centers, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, we know how important is a high ROI for you to keep running your operations smoothly. PPC Ads on Google provide you a great return on investment. If the campaigns are well optimized, the cost of acquisition per customer (CAC) goes considerably down and you get good returns.

5) Track results in real time

As a rehabilitation center in India, you should track every PPC Ad campaign of yours as soon as the results start to come. The results of your PPC Ad Campaigns can be tracked in real-time, which are again a huge advantage in comparison to the traditional forms of marketing, the results of which – even to this day – can’t be measured in real-time.

6) Optimize campaigns whenever needed

Once you are able to make sense of whether the results are bad, poor or average, you can optimize your PPC ad campaigns so that they can perform better. PPC Ad campaigns on Google, Bing and Social Media can be optimized with just a few clicks and you are ready to roll again! You can keep on making as many optimizations as you want until you are satisfied with the results.

Our PPC Services for Rehab Centers

We offer a number of quality PPC services to our clients, including:

  • Ad Account Setup
  • Landing Page Setup
  • Paid Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Social Media Paid Advertising
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Local Service Ads
  • Creating Targeted Campaigns
  • Optimizing Existing PPC Campaigns
  • Reporting PPC Performance

What’s included in our Monthly PPC Package?

We know the real problems faced by rehab centers in India. Hence, we target all those problems with a systematic approach through our monthly management service pack, which comes with the following benefits:

  • Bid Management
  • Ad Placement & Targeting Adjustments
  • Geo-targeting Improvements
  • Keyword Management
  • Landing Page Performance Review and Optimization
  • Cost and Performance Analysis
  • Monthly Campaign Performance Report

The Bottom Line

PPC Ads have proven to be a highly cost-effective method to gain more customers. We have so far helped 600+ rehab centers grab a stronghold in the medical industry. You too can take your rehabilitation center to the next level with PPC Champ. All you have to do is reach out to us at the following numbers to discuss your project needs and expectations:

+91-99153 37448

+91-95014 88575

We wish you the best of luck! May you cure millions of people who have fallen prey to alcohol and substance abuse.

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